At the PHD Law Firm, we are experienced in helping our clients with the sensitive issues related to family
    law. Whether you come to us seeking a divorce, or if you have already been through a divorce and are
    seeking modifications to your child custody agreement, we will handle your situation with empathy and
    work hard to get the outcome you desire.

    While we handle many divorce cases, we also offer couples the alternative of marriage dissolution.
    Dissolution is a good option for couples who agree on the terms of their split, and who would rather
    pursue a less adversarial resolution that will also save them time, money, and emotional distress. Attorney
    Pham Huu Dung is a trained mediator who can oversee your marriage dissolution or a divorce. Conversely,
    if a divorce is the only solution, he can also assist you. We will work with you to decide which option
    works best for you.

    Unfortunately, the issues related to divorce do not necessarily end once you sign the papers. The PHD Law
    Firm can assist you with post-decree issues such as modifications to your child support and visitation
    agreements and other parenting issues, as well as modifications to your alimony or spousal support
    arrangements. We can also make changes to your will to reflect your new marital status. Attorney Pham
    Huu Dung has experience with the special concerns families face after divorce, and can help reach a fair
    settlement in a cost-efficient manner.

    We also oversee adoptions, paternity determination tests, and other family law issues for clients in cities
    such as Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Danang and other provinces in Vietnam
violence are not taken lightly by the police or the courts. We
take these cases very seriously too.

At Pham Huu Dung Law Firm, we have experience with
persons on both sides of the domestic violence issue. We
seek to find ways to disentangle the web of emotions and
charged accusations that usually accompany these situations.
We help protect victims of spousal abuse in Ho Chi Minh
City and throughout Vietnam and also represent individuals
who have been falsely accused in these cases.
Domestic Violence Lawyer
You stand to lose a lot. Visitation, future job opportunities,
your freedom—all of these can be taken away from you
even if the accusations are false. Unfortunately, unfounded
allegations of domestic abuse in divorce and child custody
If you have been unjustly accused of
domestic violence…
Pham Huu Dung Law Firm:

Ending domestic violence is the responsibility of everyone. We must
hold ourselves accountable by examining our beliefs about society.

We must also hold abusers accountable and, in doing so, we will have
a direct influence on the next generation. Violence in the home is a
learned behavior that children learn from a larger violent society but
they learn also from their more immediate role models. We have the
opportunity right here, right now to make a change
The Children Today, Tomorrow the World
Baby. Khánh Minh