LE VAN LUYEN is probably one of the most infamous killers of Vietnam in recent history. In the early hours of 24th August 2011, at only 17 years old, Luyện brutally butchered the entire family of a jewelry shop owner in the northern province of Bắc Giang during a burglary-turned-robbery attempt. In his wake, Luyện left behind 3 dead bodies, including the shop owner, his wife, and his 18-month-old daughter. The owner’s eldest daughter – then 8 years old – was the sole survivor, though her right hand was severed during the struggle. Luyện’s display of ruthlessness – not even sparing a toddler – sparked massive public outrage, with many people demanding his execution. However, as he was still a juvenile at the time, the court deemed it just to give him an 18-year jail sentence instead.