Manage the legal issues of the company to ensure that your business is safety and lawful
    operation, to  minimize the risks arising from business activities and labor relationships.

    With Legal manager services, you have a head of the legal department experienced. With
    this service, we will appoint an experience lawyer to directly working and consulting in
    your company as Legal manager.

    You will get many benefits when using this service as follow:

    You do not need to hire one or more legal professionals via labor contracts with
    expenditure of social insurance, unemployment insurance … but you also have a Legal
    Manager who is a lawyer with many years of experience working at local companies and
    foreign investment companies, good ability to handle all transactions in English and

    When your company has a dispute, the lawyer - that legal Manager would to protect the
    legitimate rights and interests of your company as a lawyer, if you sign the contract hire
    our lawyer. This will be very convenient for proceedings because your lawyer was aware
    of every detail of the case from the beginning.

    When you no longer need to use the Legal Manager Services, you only notice in written
    three days in advances, the legal manager services will terminate and you are not subject
    to any sanction.

    Our Legal Manager will:

    Provide a comprehensive view about rights and obligations of your company. You can
    easily capture and control the activities of corporate governance and contracts by making
    appropriate progress for negotiations, drafting, and signing. Legal manager would present
    flexibility proposal to monitor and report all corporate governance matters to you as
    quickly as possible;

    Supporting problems relate to the whole processing of contractual performance. You can
    manage all aspects of the negotiation, implementation and termination of the contract with
    a standard solution. Legal manager will help you to solve all kinds of contracts, licenses,
    guarantees, authorization, lease agreements, franchise, insurance, purchasing,
    procurement, and other issues;

    Prepare and coordinate drafting of internal regulations and business processes in order to
    standardize the monitoring and handling of violations in business administration and
    management, draft and negotiate contracts, draft minutes and resolutions of the meeting
    of BOM, BOD;

    Implement other duties as specified and agreed upon.