Mr Nguyen Duc Nghia – murdered his ex-girlfriend and dismembered her body in in 2010.

Nguyen Duc Nghia – murdered his ex-girlfriend and dismembered her body. On the morning of 17th May 2010, security guards at an apartment in Hanoi were horrified to find the mangled, naked body of a young lady Nguyen Phuong Linh on the rooftop. Authorities were immediately notified, and further investigations revealed the murderer to be Nguyen Duc Nghia, the victim’s ex-boyfriend. From what Nghia said during interrogations, he and were still seeing one another at the time of the murder even though they had broken up years before. But that fateful day, blinded by jealousy after hearing his lover’s phone call with her new boyfriend, Nghia stabbed her multiple times to death. The man then proceeded to cut off her head and fingertips to make the body harder to identify, then took a bus to the nearby Quảng Ninh Province, carrying the victim’s body parts with him in his bag, which he later disposed of in a river.

The court found the 30-year-old guilty of killing Linh on May 4, 2010 in Hanoi. Nghia was watching his girlfriend’s apartment while she was out of town when he called Linh, his one-year college lover, to come over. After they made love, he stabbed Linh to death, wrapped her torso in a blanket and stashed it on the building’s rooftop. He pawned her motorbike, laptop and mobile phone for VND5 million (US$240).

Nghia filed an appeal in November 2010 arguing that he did not kill Linh to rob her, but the supreme court upheld his capital sentence.

He sent a letter to President Truong Tan Sang four days later asking for a pardon but his request was rejected.

Several reports about the gruesome murder claimed that Nghia showed great remorse during his time in prison and begged for the death sentence on multiple occasions, which he was given in July 2014. The case is now closed, but the horrific memories it left behind still haunt residents of the apartment where the body was found.